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Charolais cattle on the farm

The cottages are surrounded by the beautiful farmland of Strathisla Farms, a working grassland and arable farm, which is home to two pedigree beef cattle herds, Charolais & Simmental, and a commercial beef suckler herd, all managed by the Ivory family


There are various tasks being carried out on the farm throughout the year, so here’s a snap shot of what might be going on during your stay in Perthshire 


January - Always a quiet time of year due to the cattle being housed in the sheds over the winter. Prepare bulls for the breed society sales. Family pheasant shoots

February - Sale season for us so often preparing cattle for Stirling Bull Sales. Start spreading fertiliser if needed on fields

March - Continuing fertilser spreading and start sowing arable crops. Calving starts. We can expect up to 200 calves each year

July - Sees the start of harvest if the crops have had a good spring

August - This is the busiest time on the farm with all hands on deck getting the harvest in. During this time we will be combining, baling straw, carting the wheat & barley and grain drying

September - Sees the end of harvest and the start of ploughing and sowing for the next crop. Cattle go through their winter vaccination programme to ensure they remain healthy and we start calving the autumn herd

April - Warm spring dependent we can start turning the cattle out into the fields. Finish sowing arable crops

October - Cattle start to come into the sheds for winter. We get pedigree cattle ready for selling at the Stirling Bull Sales

May - Spray fields as needed for maximum crop yield. Start halter training young cattle in preparation for the show circuit

November - This is our "catch up" month on the farm. We start winter ploughing. We hold friends & family small pheasant shoots (not commercial) on the farm which lasts through to January. All birds shot are eaten ensure no waste 

June - Bulls are put in with the cows for mating, grass fields are being silaged to ensure enough cattle feed for the winter. Start showing a team of cattle from both herds at the local Alyth show & The Royal Highland Show

December - Calves are being weaned from their mums and the cattle are given their annual health check

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